Massage Helps with Stress Reduction

Massage is one of the best things you can do for your health. Here are a few reasons massage is so good for you. It increases blood flow, flexibility, range of motion, and body awareness. It also aids in injury prevention and helps with stress reduction. Check out this short video for more reasons massage is good for you…

or here is the transcript from the video…

One of the main benefits of receiving massage is the effect of reducing stress which allows the muscles to be more relaxed. Massage also decreases the cortisol levels in our bodies. Cortisol is an important hormone secreted by the adrenals and involved in regulation of blood pressure and immune function.

However, during stress, cortisol is secreted into the bloodstream at higher levels. The effects of stress are wide ranging and experts suggest that stress plays a large part in high blood pressure, lowered immunity, increased abdominal fat and many other diseases.

The stress-relieving effects of getting a massage can result in decreased anxiety, enhanced sleep quality, greater energy, improved concentration, improved circulation and reduced fatigue.

We are all under stress these days, dont we owe it to ourselves to get a massage?

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